Saturday, October 22, 2011

Signs of Attraction :Sure Shot Signs Which Reveal That a Girl is Interested in You

Keep an eye on her body language 

Body language reveals a great about an individual’s true thoughts and desires. Next time you are with your girl simply keep an eye on her body language and look out for the following cues
1. If she leans towards you while talking, points toward you or faces you she is perhaps interested in you.
2. Seems to be nervous, watch out if she is playing or tossing with her hair, fidgets with any object or her jewellery. Signs of nervousness also reveal that probably she likes you.
3. Watch her eyes, if she keeps her eyes locked on you while talking and drinking, focuses on you intently it is a positive sign.
4. If you notice her smiling at you, when you aren’t talking, or enjoys your company entirely by laughing at everything you say, funny or not, you can take for granted that she is interested.
5. If you find her relaxed and contented in your company it is a sure shot sign. A girl who is attracted towards you will never sit with folded arms and a stiff back. Watch her posture and if she is relaxed and comfortable around you that means she is surly interested in you.
6. If she often touches your hand, your arm or shoulder while talking, it is an affirmative sign. During a conversation if the physical contact with you is frequent then it can be easily considered as a sign of interest.

She will be never too occupied. 

When the girl is interested in you she will try her best to be available at all times. If she quickly answers or returns your phone calls, if she accepts your invitation instantly this is a positive sign. Most of all she will never say NO to your invite if she is genuinely busy on the day you want , but will simply offer an alternative like “ Sorry , I can’t meet you this Saturday, but next Saturday is perfectly fine , if you don’t mind or if that’s OK “. If a girl is interested in you she will never make comments like "I’m actually busy right now," or “I will have to check my schedule," or” Its too soon I am just out of a bad relationship “.

Suddenly if you find her everywhere 

If she just happens to turn up at the places wherever you hang out, or you keep bumping into her in the passage at work, she accidentally meets you at unexpected places. Well if you notice that you find her everywhere then remember it is not by coincidence, it is very much planned. The strategy behind this is to get noticed by you. So, next time if a girl starts to appear repeatedly in your path, take it as a sure shot sign that she’s likely doing it on purpose.

She will be interested in your interests 

When the girl is interested in you she will be ever ready and will be open for any prospective meetings with you. In reality, she will turn up with comments like Oh great! You love tennis, too? We should go together some time." When a girl shows that she has similar interests like you, and makes future plans for spending time with you, just make no mistake about it. In clear cut terms she wants you to ask her out!

She will be green-eyed of other girls you talk to 

If a girl is interested in you she will be watching you intently when you are talking to other girls. And if you notice her getting jealous just because you’re joking around with other girls, there is surly no doubt about the fact that she is really interested in you.
These are a handful of sure shot signs girls’ show, when they are interested. So simply keep your eyes open and try to spot out these signs. But remember finding just one or two of these signs will not determine her interest.
So from now on keep your eyes open and try to find a cluster of these signals, only then you can almost be sure that a girl likes you. And if you are lucky to trace these signs simply go ahead with confidence and ask your girl out! Best of luck !


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