Thursday, October 20, 2011

6 Signs That She Likes You!

Every Man on this holy planet has a burning curiosity inside him to know whether the girl he is interested in likes him or not. Girls on the other hand are smart and do not let men know if they like them because of the fear of being taken for granted or fear of betrayal.

Sign 1
She likes to talk with you endlessly for long hours. This is definitely a good sign and the first of the five signs that she has some feelings for you deep inside. She will never get bored of talking too you and will be the first person to call you and keep talking with you for long hours.

Sign 2
A girl will never look directly in your eyes continuously and drop them each time you look in her eyes, this shows that she either fears that you might get to know the feelings deep inside her mind or she feel shy to look directly into your eyes.

Sign 3
She gets uncomfortable and jealous when you flirt with other girls.  This girl will surely feel uneasy and uncomfortable when you give a lot of attention to other girls in her presence and she will try to gain your attention or try to get out the information like what did you talk with her for such a long time, why does she talk with you, why do you get stuck with her?

Sign 4
She will shy away when people tease her by your name or will react smilingly. Most of the girls usually Shy away when they get teased by the name of the boy they like. An indifferent glow and expression is visible on their face which clearly shows that they like that particular person.

Sign 5
She will always search for ways and opportunities to talk with you or spend time with you.

Sign 6
She will always feel uncomfortable when you keep praising other girls while talking to her, Just keep a watch on how she reacts to this, she will definitely react as if she is feeling uneasy and cannot tolerate hearing good things about other girls.

Hot Tip
Always try looking into her eyes and see her expressions while doing so, Nothing can reflect the thoughts of a person like eyes do. They reveal a lot of things and are a sure way getting down to a girls heart.


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